Real Time For the Masses goes multi-core

June 23, 2019

v0.5.0 of Real Time For the Masses (RTFM), the embedded concurrency framework, is coming out soon-ish – some time after Rust 1.36 is released – and will include experimental support for homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-core Cortex-M devices. This blog post covers the upcoming multi-core API and includes a refresher on the single-core API. Heterogeneous support in μAMP But first, one update relevant to multi-core RTFM from the μAMP (microamp) front since the last post: cargo-microamp has gained support for heterogeneous multi-core devices. ... Read more

μAMP: Asymmetric Multi-Processing on microcontrollers

May 10, 2019

An asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) system is a multiprocessor computer system where not all of the multiple interconnected central processing units (CPUs) are treated equally. – Wikipedia What is μAMP? microamp (styled as μAMP) is a framework (library plus cargo subcommand) for building bare-metal applications that target AMP systems. This blog post is a deep dive into this framework which serves as the core foundation of the multi-core version of Real Time For the Masses (RTFM), which I’ll cover in the next blog post. ... Read more

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