The ITM and the quest for faster logging

May 31, 2017

In this post we’ll explore the different alternatives one has to log data from a microcontroller to some host machine. Be it for printf style debugging or for logging sensor data. The Blue Pill This time I’ll use a different development board: the Blue Pill. On the center the Blue Pill development board. On the left side a UART to USB adapter based on the CH340G. On the right side an SWD programmer: a Chinese clone of the ST-LINK. ... Read more

Overhead analysis of the RTFM framework

May 23, 2017

In the last post I introduced the RTFM framework, and made several claims about it being highly efficient both in memory usage and runtime overhead. In this post I’ll analyze all the RTFM concurrency primitives to back up those claims. To do that I’ll first introduce a non-invasive timing method that’s accurate to a single clock cycle, which is the time the processor spends to execute one of the simplest instructions. ... Read more

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